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Opening my non-blog

Posted on Mon, 10 Oct 2005 21:11:35 +0200 - Keywords: blog

I have been avoiding blogs as much as I could ever since they became fashionable. I found them uninteresting. Most of them were slight variations of the everlasting alternation of friends’ (or children’s, or pets’) pictures and reports of how the day before (or yesterday’s movie, or life) was great (or sucked, or was utterly boring). I did not read them, but they started invading my life nonetheless, spamming search engines and diluting information. But I could cope with the Google noise and just ignore blogs.

Then, blogs started to carry opinions, not just feelings. They are now seen by many as a new kind of journalism, yet most of them suffer from the obvious bias that the entry poster is the same person as the comment moderator. Having been banned countless times from Slashdot for bashing moderators or simply attacking the general groupthink, I was not surprised at all to see a few of my comments removed from many blogs. How could I not hate blogs as a means of communication? In mailing-lists or on Usenet, when people disagree with you, they answer and argue, they don’t remove your messages. Blogs have become the most selfish variation of the web bulletin board. But I could still cope with the spread of flawed information and just ignore blogs.

Then, blogs started to build communities. You can only be part of the community if you are a blogger. Well, it would prove astonishingly difficult for me to care less about blogger communities (though I might try). If the community is about having a blog, then I am perfectly happy with the numerous communities I am a part of that are not about me having a blog and I can just ignore blogs.

But today, I have a problem. Even within tech-savvy communities such as the Debian developers, discussions can occur that are not taking place in the common channels (such as the mailing-lists) but on blogs. There are people who are following Planet Debian but not the debian-devel mailing-list. And the reason can definitely not be that debian-devel is full of noise or flamewars: it is incredibly easy to kill a thread in a mailing-list, whereas it is virtually impossible to filter out the new fucking blog meme that spreads everywhere and about which I do not care. Also, people no longer subscribe to mailing-lists, it seems too tedious. Instead, they prefer to hammer RSS feeds every fucking five seconds to know whether something new just happened. So, here it is, my non-blog. My RSS-feed-without-a-blog. You can subscribe to it if you are too lazy to get informed through the other channels about libcaca releases, my Debian bugs, PWNtcha development, my work on VideoLAN, the next talk I am giving. It appears nowhere on my webpage but you can still subscribe to it.

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