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Moving away from Advogato

Posted on Tue, 11 Oct 2005 09:18:08 +0200 - Keywords: blog, debian

I eventually moved my Planet Debian feed away from Advogato to my old .plan file that now has an RSS feed. I had not been posting very much on Advogato for the last two years anyway, mostly because it did not let me sort the feed by keywords. Everything I posted was appearing on Planet Debian but I would like to be conservative about what I send and stick to Debian-related content here.

Of course I still have my LiveJournal to tell the universe how much I like blogs.

Advogato is still a very interesting place. It is quite dormant nowadays and has lost the initial momentum now that everyone has their own blog, but the content remains reasonably on-topic and there are quite a few skilled people who still use it as their main developer’s diary.

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