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Is there a task organiser that does not suck?

Posted on Mon, 17 Oct 2005 02:54:27 +0200 - Keywords: debian

I managed to close 23 of my Debian bugs this weekend (including 5 RC ones), which is not bad at all. But I really need better organisation, I lack the ability to sort my bugs by personal priority, annotate them and keep a record of what I did about them, because the information is not always worth going into the BTS. What I currently do is pick up a package that has an RC or important bug, decide to work on it, and try fix its less important bugs while I am at it. Which means that I sometimes spend much time on an upstream bug or a feature request that are not that important. And no tool ever tells me “hey, bug #XXX is easy and affects more users, you should fix it before you work on that obscure m68k FTBFS.”

I have very strict requirements, and so far no tool has convinced me that it would do a better job than my plain ~/TODO file. And I really tried many of them, the console lover’s tool, the awesome new paradigm, the sticky notes, the complex GUI, and many, many more. In fact I have a very good idea of what would be good for me, but implementing that has a lower priority than most of my other work.

Being text-based or at least having a human-editable file format is an absolute requirement. I do not want to go through a GUI to do minor modifications. So far I have found hnb to be the most interesting tool for me. I will try to get used to it.

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