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Bits from the DPL: blog, talks, FTP-master

Posted on Mon, 7 May 2007 03:08:43 +0200 - Keywords:

blog posts

I am going to identify all my DPL-related posts with a “dpl” tag. All such posts will be accessible through http://sam.zoy.org/blog/?cat=dpl.


On May 5th I attended an Etch Install Party at the Carrefour du Numérique in the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, organised by the Parinux LUG. Fellow developers Christian Perrier and Julien Cristau as well as not-yet-but-now-almost-really-soon-to-be developer Yves-Alexis Perez were also present.

I did a (rather dull, sorry; I didn’t prepare it well enough) talk about the Debian project, its organisation and how people, even beginners, can help Debian and its community. My slides (French) are available, and the Carrefour du Numérique people kindly recorded it and made it available for download.


Since the DPL elections I have given several interviews, of which a few have already been published. They may be of interest because I share my thoughts about topics that were not covered in my platform, or not very deeply. You can also check whether I am consistent. And it’s important that people know what I may say about Debian to the rest of the world. The interviews are:

FTP-master and other teams

Zobel is frustrated by things not happening in the FTP team which were apparently going better when AJ was DPL. I don’t really know how to understand that blog post. A DPL+FTP-master hat is something that cannot happen this year, so if this is what allowed AJ to be efficient we’ll have to find something else.

For the record, after my first bits from the DPL on debian-devel-announce and its “request for candidacy” I have received one offer to help the DSA team and one offer (this morning) to help with the NEW-handling part of FTP-master work.

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