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gtkglarea 2.0.1 release

Posted on Sun, 19 Jul 2009 02:45:32 +0200 - Keywords:

We finally put together a new release of GtkGLArea, version 2.0.1. This version fixes Win32, Win64 and 64-bit Linux portability issues and numerous minor bugs. It can be downloaded from the GNOME FTP repository.

GtkGLArea actually consists in one simple library, libgtkgl. It provides three GTK+ extensions to manage OpenGL contexts: GtkGLArea, GdkGLContext and GdkGLPixmap.

Because it uses it in one of its commercial products, my previous employer sponsored the work my research team did on GtkGLArea. This disclaimer is the perfect opportunity to hint that GtkGLArea can be fit for production, including on the Windows platforms.

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