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Sam Hocevar

Welcome to this small webpage.


My CV is available. Despite my utter dislike of the blog trend, I also publish the public part of my personal diary to keep people informed of what I am working on. It is mostly development-related.


The projects I am most involved in are the VideoLAN multimedia solution and the Debian operating system. You can find more about these projects and my involvement on my projects page. I am also a contributor to the Wikipedia project, mostly fixing grammar and spelling errors.

During my spare time I do some drawings. I also a read a lot.

I am not for hire. I may be available for occasional freelance consulting or development jobs, though. Feel free to contact me.


I prefer to be contacted via E-mail. My main address is sam@zoy.org. Administrative stuff may go directly to sam@hocevar.net to spare me one keystroke. I usually read very quickly but do not expect a quick answer if I’m busy (and I’m often busy).

You can also reach me on IRC (I’m sam on the FeeNode and OFTC networks). I also have a cellular phone ((+33) 681 12 20 62). Abuse it and feel my wrath. And no, it is not a typo, damnit.