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LMOS architecture

LMOS - the Last Measure Operating System

LMOS is a minimalist operating system targetting multimedia presentations, written with simplicity in mind. Due to its tiny x86 assembly core, it easily fits on a standard floppy: just write LMOS and your pictures to a CD or floppy, and it will boot and play on any IBM-PC compatible computer.

LMOS is a handy tool to carry with you on a business card CD or an USB key. Also, instead of luring people to Last Measure mirrors or similar shock sites, you can simply hand them an LMOS CD with a "Knoppix" sticker on it.

The LMOS code is released under the WTFPL. LMOS also makes use of the Linux bootsector, which is GPLed and its default theme comes from Last Measure which is BSD. As a result, LMOS binaries are probably covered by the GPL.


The default LMOS theme contains the following images, which are amongst the most famous shock images available on the Internet:

The default LMOS background music is the famous "HEY EVERYBODY, I’M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO" sample.


Warning: these files contain material that can be considered offensive, shocking, satanic or hilarious. If in doubt, do not download them, especially if you are under 18 and surfing outside of parental control. You have been warned.



LMOS is written in x86 assembly and should work on any x86 computer. To build a complete version of LMOS, you will need GNU as, nasm, ImageMagick, python and mkisofs.

Please report bugs and make suggestions to sam+lmos@zoy.org.


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