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2004 - trip to America

May 27th - June 2nd : DebConf 4, Porto Alegre (Brasil)

June 3rd - June 5th : FISL 04, Porto Alegre (Brasil)

May 27th: flying above Sao Paulo, arriving soon in Porto Alegre.

May 29th: Debian folks visiting the Caracol waterfalls, the Caracol chocolate shops, the Mini Mundo in Gramado. Overnight in Gramado.

May 31st: the sleeping, eating and working facilities at SESC, Porto Alegre.

June 2nd: the SESC lecture room.

June 3rd: first day at FISL. Dinner at a churrascaria in Porto Alegre.

June 4th: a tour of the SESC outdoor facilities. Dinner at the cool place to be. Vi vs. Emacs gesture fights.

June 5th: last day of FISL. Wietse Venema's Postfix talk. The Porto Alegre Rodoviaria, where we took the bus for Montevideo.

June 6th : day in Montevideo (Uruguay)

June 7th : day in Colonia (Uruguay)

June 6th: a view of Montevideo, the street market, lunch downtown and dinner at Lupa's place.

June 7th: bus trip from Montevideo to Colonia, lunch at a tourist trap in Colonia, the Rio de la Plata, boat to Buenos Aires.

June 8th - June 12th: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

June 8th: key signing party in Buenos Aires, lunch with local Debian folks, evening at some cool dude's place.

June 9th: a day in Buenos Aires: the Museum of Decorative Art, the library, the Yann Arthus-Bertrand pictures in San Martin park, the Florida Street, the Obelisk, the Opera.

June 10th: another day in Buenos Aires.

June 13th - June 17th: Mexico City (Mexico)

June 13th: clouds above Miami, Brasilian volcanoes, Mo's roommate, Mo's cat, the Frida Kahlo museum, evening in Mexico City.

June 14th: the old city of Teotihuacán: the Quetzalcoatls temple, the Sun pyramid, the Moon pyramid.

June 15th: the Diego Rivera paintings in the Palacio Nacional. The cathedral. The Palacio de Bellas Artes.

June 16th: the Museum of Fine Arts.

June 17th: the streets of Mexico City, the Museo Mural Diego Rivera, the heights of Mexico City.