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genethumb is a quick and dirty shell script aimed at generating HTML indexes with thumbnails from a directory full of images. It is highly unconfigurable, might be buggy, and is quite slow, but it has happened to be extremely popular amongst friends, so I decided to make it available. Useful when sorting pr0n (or so I’ve been told).

genethumb is licenced under the GPL. It requires convert and identify from the package ImageMagick.

genethumb also has a FreshMeat page.

You might wonder why I did such a script since there were lots of professional tools to achieve the same goal, with additional features. Well, I just like the idea of copying one single file to my ~/bin and being finished with the installation. No need to worry about missing libraries, you just need ImageMagick installed.

But... but... it sucks !!!

Of course it sucks. It’s slow, it’s unconfigurable. But it works and I like it.